Sugar Cane Train Tour

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The Sugar Cane Train Tour is the only train on Maui but it’s historical significance and ambiance is something to be savored. Even though the Pioneer Mill in Lahaina shut down after 139 years last September, it’s memory lives on. If you have younger kids this might be a cheap way to give them some daily entertainment. If you buy a monthly pass and only ride the Sugar Cane Train twice, then you’ve paid for it. It’s right for your budget and cheap if you ride it more than twice. It could be your signature way of retiring the kids after a long day of playing on the beach. Taking the train at sunset is a lovely way to end your day in a special, affordable way. Kids love history. The Sugar Cane Train ride is rich in history and adventure. They take you back to a time when things weren’t so fast. When it took most of the day to get from one side of the island to the other. Remember, not only is the Sugar Cane Train Tour the best train tour on Maui… it’s the only one on Maui!

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