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Kamole Beach 1

Kamole Beaches 1, 2 & 3

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The following videos show Kamole 1 & Kamole 2 Beach Parks in Kihei Maui. Kamole 1 / Charley Young Beach Below on the map, we post Kamole 1 but if you look closely at the map, you can see below the marker is another 2 beaches to the south.  Those are Kamole 2 and Kamole [...]

Baby Beach

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Baby Beach is located in Sprecklesville. If you want the best conditions, go in the morning. The afternoon tends to be a bit windy and the sand can whip around something fierce. However, the morning hours are peaceful and not too hot. Many people on a budget who can’t afford parking on top of all [...]

Makena's Little Beach

Little Makena

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Little Makena, otherwise known as Little Beach is accessed through Big Beach by a path on the right and up over a hill. If your balance is not good, either have assistance or don’t go. It’s a little treacherous if you’re not steady. This smaller beach area is known for being clothing optional. Also, on [...]

Makena Beach

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Makena Beach, which is it’s official name, but is known to locals as Big Beach, earns it’s name by claiming a stretch of lovely white sand that measures nearly 2/3 of a mile long and over 100 yards wide. It’s beautiful. You will find a mix of locals and tourists on any given day. It [...]

Black Rock

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Black Rock is located beachfront at the Sheraton in Kaanapali. You will have to pay for parking unless you get one of about ten free spots in the public parking garage which is located on the bottom floor of the paid parking garage. If you are on a budget and can’t afford $20 to park [...]

Maui Brewing Company

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Maui Brewing Company is a brewpub that has quite a selection of micro brew beers. Some lovely combinations at relatively cheap prices. If you’re on a budget and enjoy your micro brews… this is one stop you ought to put at the top of your list. They offer a wide variety in their menu to [...]

Mulligan’s on the Blue Irish Pub & Restaurant

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Mulligan’s is an upscale Irish pub that is Irish run and Irish owned. It’s located right next to the golf course in Wailea. Mulligan’s mixes Irish fare and Eurasian tendencies on their menu. Their food is quite lovely and prices range from those on a budget to those who haven’t got a budget. There is [...]

The Dog and Duck Irish Pub

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The Dog and Duck is a Kihei staple. They have been around for what seems like forever. They offer cheap beer and well drinks, happy hour, good music and it is certainly the most authentic Irish Pub that you can find on Maui. They surely have the best “bangers and mash” this side of Dublin [...]

Kihei Cafe

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Kihei Cafe located on Kihei Road in Kihei probably holds the title on Maui for most people served in a year. It’s always packed and that’s because it’s always good, cheap and of course, because of Miss Bunny. She’s the owner but doesn’t do the cooking. She does the selling. She sells her love of [...]

Powela Cafe

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Powela Cafe in Haiku boasts fresh coffee, pastries and good times conversing with the other locals and vacationers right next to North Shore Fabrication. Clearly you can see that location is everything with this place. Affordable for those on a budget, Powela makes you feel right at home.

  • Kamole Beaches 1, 2 & 3The following videos show Kamole 1 & Kamole 2 Beach [...]
  • Baby BeachBaby Beach is located in Sprecklesville. If you want the [...]
  • Little MakenaLittle Makena otherwise known as Little Beach is accessed through [...]
  • Makena BeachMakena Beach which is it’s official name but is known [...]