Finding places that offer discounts are not all that hard to find. Ask because there are always discounts available.

Kamaina Rates apply at some local stores and restaurants like Spago and Ruby’s Diner. There are other places that offer Kamaina rates as well. You will be required to show your Hawaiian Drivers License or Hawaii State ID to get the Kamaina Rate. Spago restaurant offers 2 for 1 entrees on certain days. (Call for more confirmation.) Ruby’s offers a % discount off your bill. So there are many ways to keep Maui cheap and stay on your budget while experiencing the best it has to offer.

Coupon Books

Coupon books can be found at most concierge desks, supermarkets, liquor stores and other places of business. They are free. You can get discounted excursions, meals and clothing from several of Maui’s best businesses. It makes the more expensive places cheaper, not necessarily cheap. It is usually a good deal for the excursions… again it will make them cheaper, not necessarily bottom-of-the-barrel cheap.

Restaurant’s Happy Hours

Sansei Sushi in Kihei and Kaanapali have a great early bird sushi only special. If you see people lined up outside of Sansei on a Sunday or Monday night, you’ll know why. It’s for their half price sushi! Cheap, delicious and well within most people’s budget, Sansei Sushi is certainly one of Maui’s best!

We will list as we can some of the other places we find that offer happy hour specials or rates for locals or seniors. Sometimes just ask for specials, in most cases a server, manager or hostess will tell you.

Booking Direct

No matter if you are booking a hotel, an activity, a rental car or a meal, booking it directly with the company who is offering the service can save you a lot of money. In many cases by cutting out the off-island booking agent you can save quite a bit of money. We know Expedia and Travelocity run millions of dollars in commercials that say how to save by booking with them but they are middle-men. Call up a company directly and ask for a better deal then what they can get from them. In most cases you will get it.