Being Budget Conscious On Maui

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Many people think Maui is expensive. Here are some options to experience the island on a budget.


If you’re on a budget and need some used sporting equipment, clothes, etc. then Savers is the place for you. Savers is the largest thrift store on Maui. Depending on the donations, you can find anything from a Coach purse and designer luggage to Ralph Lauren comforters. It’s a great spot if you need some good, cheap, gently used items for your stay. There is almost always a sale going on at Savers. When you enter you will see what ticket color is on sale at 50% off. Also, if you bring in at least one item and show the cashier you have brought it in with you as a donation they will give you a red coupon that is good for $3 off a minimum $10 purchase, (sale items not included in the $10 minimum purchase). Savers is a good, cheap way to make Maui affordable!

Rental cars – No Ka Oi Motors

No Ka Oi offers budget used cars, some for only $100 a week! You won’t be driving a mercedes but you might very well end up riding around Maui in a Toyota Camry for cheap! It’s a great way to save money on Maui. They offer clean, fine running, safe, slightly older models of reliable makes like Toyota & Honda. No Ka Oi Motors offers the best, cheap mode of transportation around Maui, aside from the bus, so if you’re on a budget, definitely check them out.

Accomodations offers you the opportunity to stay cheap on Maui, either with a family or in a cottage or rental operated by it’s owner. Each proprietor has their own way of operating so don’t be shy to ask questions. Also, many offer last minute deals real cheap for those of us on a budget. Frankly, it may very well be the best way to experience Maui!

Cruises offers last minute discounted cruises of the Hawaiian Islands for super cheap so if your budget is small and you have time flexibility, this may be the ticket for you.

Airfare is known for it’s cheap, one way fares as well as budget priced round trip airfares, domestic as well as international. You have the option of choosing one way, round trip or multicity. It’s the best search engine out there because they actually allow you access to a graph that shows you when prices are lowest during the times you want to travel. It’s a fabulous tool to make sure you stay within your budget and get good, cheap tickets to your vacation destination. is another great way to get good, cheap fares for those of you on a budget. They will let you name your price for the ticket and tell you if you have a deal or not. It’s riskier than but if you hit it right, you can get super cheap round trips and they offer domestic and international ticketing.

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