Hana Bay Kau'iki Hill

You made it to Maui, now what do you plan to do?

If you are like many visitors to Maui, you really don’t know yet. Most people focus on two things, the beaches and the sun. After a few days of hanging out by the pool, on the beach or playing in the waves, you are now ready to check out some of the other activities available. Your local hotel can recommend lots of things to do but it’s really up to you and whoever you came to Maui with.

There are a few maui activities that are a must for any visitor who is coming to Maui for the first and hopefully not the last time. There is so much to do that you can’t possibly arrange it all. If you did you would need a vacation after this vacation to recover.

Hana Bay Kau'iki HillMaui Activities Away From The Beach

One of our favorite activities is of course anything relating to the rainforest and the road to Hana, Maui. You can’t get away from water on this island but finding fresh water to swim in, free of chlorine or salt is difficult. We love to swim in pools in the streams that dot the island. Take a day to enjoy wandering up to Twin Falls near Haiku, for a few swings on the rope through a Maui waterfall. Up there you can really forget that the beach and all that water exists. You would think you are in the middle of the jungle.

Another popular activity is taking a snorkel trip out to Molokini. To get there you must take the morning sail. The winds pick up in the afternoon making the trip out to Molokini difficult and stirs up the water so that visibility around the little island becomes poor. There are lots of activity  companies that offer this service and they vary in boat size and quality of BBQ that they package into the tours.

The Zip lines are growing in popularity and can be found on both mountains. You may need to book ahead as availability is limited and the zip line in West Maui can be booked up for weeks in advance. That is no good when you are only visiting for a week. Hike up the hill and sail over the treetops through the gulches at high speeds. IT is definitely an adrenaline rush.

One of the top activities on Maui is to take a tour to Hana. Book yours today with Valley Isle Excursions. You won’t be disappointed. We recommend that you take the tour early in your trip as it gives a great overview of a large part of the island. This way you can go back to explore as specific area you see on the tour later in your visit to Maui.

Maui Tours

Pools At OheoTaking a tour of maui is a full day event and should not be missed.  A day on the road to Hana will pack in all the maui activities this scenic island has to offer on land.  The activities you will take part in on Valley Isle Excursion’s Incredible Journey to Hana and Beyond includes hiking in the oheo gulch, swimming in the lower pools (seen here), a visit to a black sand beach and blowhole and a stop in at a winery just to name a few of the things.   Not to mention stopping to see incredible waterfalls, coastal cliffs and exotic rainforest plants.

Living On Maui

Have you just moved to Maui and are looking for things to do?  It’s a great place to live and its not the expensive once you get to know the area.   Many young people live here just fine so you know there are cheap but good places to eat and be entertained as well as local events that are worth hitting.  We have put together a little introduction of things to do in Maui that are worthy of your attention.